PerceptiLabs Enterprise now available through Red Hat Marketplace

PerceptiLabs Enterprise now available through Red Hat Marketplace

PerceptiLabs Enterprise is now available through Red Hat Marketplace as an OpenShift Operator. The recently introduced Red Hat Marketplace is a simpler way to buy and manage enterprise software, with automated deployment to any cloud. Built in partnership by Red Hat and IBM, Red Hat Marketplace is designed to meet the unique needs of developers, procurement teams, and IT leaders through simplified and streamlined access to popular enterprise software.

By running PerceptiLabs on Red Hat OpenShift, enterprise users gain three primary benefits:

  • Scalable compute performance for training models.
  • Scalable storage to host large, real-world datasets.
  • Accelerated building and training of machine learning models to more quickly understand how they work and perform.

Through this collaboration, PerceptiLabs enterprise customers can install PerceptiLabs visual modeling tool to run on either their on-premise or cloud-based deployments of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. This is the industry's most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform, allowing users to run PerceptiLabs anywhere that OpenShift runs. Red Hat Marketplace also allows customers to take advantage of responsive support, streamlined billing and contracting, simplified governance, and single-dashboard visibility across clouds.

PerceptiLabs is pleased to be a part of the Red Hat Marketplace. Now, more enterprises can gain access to PerceptiLabs’ model management platform, based on a visual modeling tool, to reduce the risk and compress the time to value of their machine learning projects.

You can access the Red Hat Marketplace here.

Find PerceptiLabs on Red Hat Marketplace here.