Teaching Your AI to do Powerful Things the Easy Way, with PerceptiLabs and Red Hat

Teaching Your AI to do Powerful Things the Easy Way, with PerceptiLabs and Red Hat

PerceptiLabs is proud to announce our partnership with Red Hat, for our "Enterprise" version of our visual machine learning modeling tool. Through this partnership, our enterprise customers can install PerceptiLabs to run on either their on-premise or cloud-based deployments of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, which hosts an ecosystem of container apps for building solutions.

Both PerceptiLabs and Red Hat share a philosophy of providing flexible solutions through interoperability with other ecosystem players, and the goal of compressing the time to value for machine learning (ML) projects, crucial within an enterprise setting. Red Hat OpenShift offers enterprise-grade high-performance compute, large-scale storage, and an ecosystem of components, while enabling easy deployment and management of container apps. Similarly, PerceptiLabs simplifies and speeds up model development and management, through visualization and allows users to leverage other ML offerings (e.g., Python modules).

By running PerceptiLabs on Red Hat OpenShift, enterprise users gain three primary benefits:

  • scalable compute performance for training models
  • scalable storage to host large, real-world datasets
  • flexibility to choose other components that can support MLOps, thus avoiding traditional "end-to-end" solutions

Through this architecture, we believe customers will be able to accelerate their ML workflows and ultimately get their ML solutions to market faster. You can read more about the benefits that Red Hat OpenShift brings to ML projects on their AI/ML On OpenShift page. And if you're new to Red Hat OpenShift, be sure to check out the OpenShift Container Platform Documentation.

The Enterprise version of PerceptiLabs is available as a OpenShift Operator that you can access here.

We hope you will be as excited about this partnership as we are, and the possibilities that the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform will enable for building rich ML workflows around PerceptiLabs. And if you want to learn more about this announcement, be sure to check out the PerceptiLabs Red Hat Video.