We’re excited to announce we’ll be presenting a session at the upcoming Red Hat webinar series AI/ML: Smart apps, easy delivery, fast platform on Wednesday, June 17. This webinar series will provide a variety of perspectives on driving innovation by simplifying the deployment and lifecycle management of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.

Our session, Build a Machine Learning Model with Transparency, will be lead by Martin Isaksson, PerceptiLabs’ Co-founder + CEO, and In this session you will learn:

  • The transparency you get with PerceptiLabs model management platform to quickly understand what your model is doing, tune it, and keep track of the experiments.
  • How to seamlessly run ML jobs on any cloud/server while Red Hat takes care of the infrastructure for you.
  • How easy it is to build a model with a drag and drop tool with demo of Object Detection.

Webinar Details

When: June 17

Time: 9AM (PerceptiLabs' session starts at 10AM)

Cost: FREE

Register: Here

Other participating Red Hat Partners who will be hosting webinar sessions include Anaconda, Cognitive Scale, NVIDIA, and Seldon - We look forward to seeing you there!